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Of F#’s Units of Measure and Parallel Universes

Functionality like this in a language was news to me, though it’s obviously not new news. Speaking from my small corner of the Java/JVM world, my impression has been that there’s usually little effort expended by the average developer to go and explore terra incognita, especially if it means heading out in the direction of Redmond. That’s something I’ve been guilty of too.

In the Java world, the OOP bubble that some programmers live in is being popped from the outside by the burgeoning popularity of Scala and Clojure, and the great “ah-ha” moment of realizing there’s more than one way to skin a cat is upon many. Yet there’s this other parallel universe that exists—the Common Language Runtime—and in it dwell alien things like LINQ and F#’s units of measure- things that had never occurred to me before. There are even developers at my workplace who use such technologies, but they sit isolated from us, not involved in our agile this and kanban that. Maybe it’s time to talk.

Anyway, it’s obvious that those folks in Redmond are pretty smart. I hope we’re not ignoring them and their ideas just because of the swaying banner of Microsoft above their heads.

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